Grandy Rabbitry

Welcome to Grandy Mini Rex Rabbitry.

We are located in the sunny Okanagan, in Kelowna, B.C., CANADA.

We raise Mini Rex in the following colors: Chinchilla, Black, Blue, Castor, and Brokens. We also have a pair of Holland Lops, and a pair of American Fuzzy Lops.

Our rabbitry is small, having only 20 holes. We are relatively new breeders and have met some very knowledgable and friendly people in our travels!

WE have found there is a lot of information on the ARBA web site and it's links. Therefore, our site will be mostly pictures and info on what's happening in the bunny barn.

Enjoy the pictures!

Tracey, husband Tim, Katie [age 6], and Jon [age4].

©Grandy Rabbitry

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